They are the ultimate in glitz, status, and refined elegance.  For thousands of years, human beings have been captivated by the beauty of diamonds.  The obsession with the precious gem is stronger than ever in our modern day society, but what makes a diamond so precious?

There are many reasons behind the allure, the valuableness, and the demand for diamonds and it all starts with how they’re formed. Diamonds take millions and, in some cases, billions of years to form naturally.  Carbon atoms at extremely high temperatures travel down deep into the earth; there they are cooled and transform into diamond crystals.

This extended period of formation allows the gems to become one of the strongest naturally occurring substances on the planet, meaning they do not get damaged easily.  That is why diamonds are so popular with modern jewelry pieces; if a piece happens to break and the diamond falls to the ground, there is no concern of the diamond getting scratched or scuffed, as only another diamond can scratch a diamond.  This hardness is extremely useful in jewelry making because, in addition to their toughness, diamond polish better than nearly every other precious gem known to man. They high polish capacity allows a more brilliant shimmer, especially in the sunlight.

If you’re wanting to leave an heirloom or something similar to your child or grandchild, diamonds are the most ideal gifts. Even after hundreds of years of sitting in a jewelry box or pouch, a diamond will show no signs of deterioration or age.  Simply have the gem clean to bring back the brilliance that was there a century ago. The only true way for a diamond to lose its value is if the diamond is physically lost.

Aside from their durability and shine, diamonds are simply timeless.  Diamonds are classic, simple, elegant and sophisticated, and have never truly went out of style.  Diamond symbolize purity, class, commitment, and devotion.  There is no other gem as precious as a diamond because no other gem is eternal.

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